For the Culture 


To some, it’s music that’s heard on the radio. To me, it’s not only music, but a culture that has brought me together with people of similar interests from diverse backgrounds.

I’ve not only enjoyed being in Hip-Hop culture, I’ve had opportunities to advance it. 10 years ago, I became part of an organization called Get Free Movement (GFM). Within that organization, I’ve had the opportunity to lecture to college students about the history and significance of Hip-Hop. I’ve also been able to travel and share my experience with countless others.

This is a special Cool Shirt Friday. On the date of this post (7/21/17); Get Free Movement is having a 10th Anniversary celebration. Event information can be found here, and the Get Free Movement can also be found on our Facebook page here

We were also featured in an award-winning documentary back in 2010 that further explains Get Free Movement’s mission and goals. Please check it out below.

A little less than 10 years ago, I got my first Get Free Movement shirt, similar to the image used for this post. With 10 years down and hopefully many more to come.

-Cool Shirt Guy, signing off


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