J-Dilla, Dilla Dog, Jay Dee, or whichever one of his monikers you wanted to call him. The late, great James DeWitt Yancey‘s musical DNA in intertwined with some of my favorite songs from the past couple of decades and continues to inspire today. I have several t-shirts that either acknowledge him or his works, and today’s Cool Shirt Friday post contains just one of them.

Please, take a minute to familiarize yourself with him if you don’t already know who he is. Chances are,  you’ve been listening or have heard his music before, and just didn’t know he was there.

I could speak on J-Dilla’s accomplishments for several posts, but I’ll leave it to BBC Radio who did an excellent job chronicling his life and career in their excellent Gone Too Soon series from 2012.

You should be able to listen to the entire documentary below.

Until next time, turn it up!

-Cool Shirt Guy, signing off.


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