Autism Awareness

This week, I’m shifting gears and taking on a more serious tone than normal. Today’s post is about autism and autism awareness. I have loved ones and many friends of mine have loved ones who are affected by this condition. April 2nd is globally recognized as World Autism Awareness Day. In advance of World Autism Awareness Day, the team at Art History 101, (the makers of many of the shirts seen on this blog) have released a special Autism Awareness Shirt. Part of proceeds from the shirt will be donated to a number of local autism charities.

It’s  important to not only be aware of what autism is, but also how to better interact with those affected by it. While I can’t speak in great depth on the issue, I was able to come across a well-written article  by Catherine Zenko, who has a Master’s Degree in Science and has spent 14 years working with individuals on the autism spectrum. My hope is that you will read the article, and become more educated on this condition.

I’ll leave you with some of the ending lines from Catherine Zenko’s article:

“I like to view autism spectrum disorder more like a difference rather than a disability. The term “neurodiversity” is gaining steam lately and illustrates that just because people on the autism spectrum think and learn differently, they are not disabled.”


-Cool Shirt Guy, signing off


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