We Out: Taking a Ride On the Underground Railroad

Today’s Cool Shirt Friday and Black History Month edition is in tribute to Harriet Tubman.

A seminal figure in the Abolition Movement, Harriet Tubman was involved in the liberation of countless slaves during a conflicted time in America’s history. Tubman’s efforts before, during, and after the Civil War have led to her being voted to replace Andrew Jackson (himself a former slave owner) on the $20 bill at a date still to be determined. (biography.com)

For those unfamiliar with Harriet Tubman’s full story and her involvement with the Underground Railroad, you can read her full biography here. A fact from the biography that I wasn’t completely familiar with was that when she originally fled from slavery in 1849, she came to Philadelphia. At the time, Pennsylvania was a free state and became a stop and end destination for many who traveled the Underground Railroad.

So today’s cool shirt is in tribute to Harriet Tubman, I salute you. You may be on the $20 in the near future, but your contributions to the lives of many are priceless.

-Cool Shirt Guy, signing off


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