Trust the Process 

“They were a punchline, and now they’re punching back.”

-Scott Van Pelt, ESPN

Full disclosure. When the Sixers drafted Joel Embiid 3 years ago despite a concerning foot injury, I was not thrilled. The skepticism increased as his debut date was pushed ahead another 2 seasons. All the while, the front office made other head-scratching  decisions that made me wonder if the Sixers would ever crawl out of basketball futility. The mantra of the now deposed GM & President of Basketball Operations “Trust the process”.

It’s somewhat ironic that now after his departure the Sixers seem to finally be turning things around. (I type that with crossed fingers, hoping I’m not jinxing anything). The crowd base (myself included) is definitely excited, Joel Embiid is quickly becoming a fan favorite. He’s even got a NBA All-Star voting campaign going. Equally impressive is Embiid’s embracing of the process that got him into Philly as he’s now made “The Process” his nickname.

Today’s Cool Shirt Friday post is a shout out to the Sixers and to Joel Embiid. Here’s to a shot at the playoffs this year.

-Cool Shirt Guy, Signing Off


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