Marsh-mallow My Man

It’s another Cool Shirt Friday post. This one is a shout out to the original Ghostbusters film. Here’s a clip for context, and those who may be unfamiliar:


The Stay Puft Man may be the first or second most notable ghost/creature from the Ghostbusters’ franchise next to Slimer:


I’ll take any excuse to post an Ecto Cooler pic.

But it stands to reason, after the Ghostbusters vanquished the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man (spoiler?); there had to be a lot of extra marshmallow just kind of hanging out on the streets of New York. What do you do with all of that? So when the t-shirt used as the featured image of this article popped up, it made me laugh thinking about the cleanup and the potential for infinite s’mores, campfire marshmallows, & fluffernutter sandwiches. I think that thought is disturbing enough to end this post on. Until next time.

I ain’t afraid of no ghost.

-Cool Shirt Guy, Signing Off


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