A New Year and a New Series: The Aftermath

Happy 2017 to all readers of the Cool Shirt Guy blog.

With it being a new year; I figured I’d try my hand at a new series: “The Aftermath”. The concept is that these posts will involve songs/music videos and proposes a scenario of what happened after the song fades out.

I’ll post a clip detailing the song and/or video and then go into a fictitious story  about happened afterwards.

The first song subject for The Aftermath, “The Mission” by Special Ed:

The lyrics can be seen here if you feel the need to follow along.

So our (I guess?) protagonist from this song, “Special Ed” went pretty wild when you really analyze it. Apparently, he’s a spy of some kind and was sent on a mission involving rhymes that were stolen. I’m not sure which spy agency specializes in rhyme avenging and is cool with murdering people over it, but… ok.

Ed, after receiving a special message that blew up his stereo; shoots his lady friend (Suzanne) that was at his place, flies to Japan on a Air Force jet, then stabs, beats, and shotguns a man to death.

The Aftermath: Life in Prison

Japanese gun laws are among the world’s strictest. Discharging a firearm in public can carry a maximum penalty of 15 years. Not only did Special Ed discharge a firearm, he murdered someone. Even if he escaped the scene, he’s still subject to extradition laws. During his fight he left enough evidence between his blood & fingerprints to be found guilty.

And if we were to assume he escaped all of his issues in Japan, he still has the issue of his lady friend Suzanne that he shot at the beginning of the song. I have a feeling that telling her, “sorry baby, but I gotta do what I gotta” will not change the attempted murder/manslaughter charges that he’d be facing.

Special Ed’s story should end about here. But the Cool Shirt Guy Blog will continue on.

Until next time.

-Cool Shirt Guy Signing Off


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