Do. Something.

As I said in my first blog post; all of my shirts (posts) will refrain from overly-politicized or divisive issues. However, I do hope that if you were able to; you did exercise your right to vote and elect officials who will take part in shaping the laws and legislation that will impact us all for many years to come.

That brings me to the title of this post,”Do. Something.”. You’d be hard-pressed to turn on the television or refresh your social media feed without there being a mention of things that are going wrong with our society and feeling uncertain about what to do. I encourage you to “Do. Something.” about it. In this age of instant access, although sources should always be verified; information is everywhere. If you take the time to, you can educate yourself (even if only at a basic level) on an issue. In many cases, there are already organizations that exist, support a cause you care about, and will provide you an opportunity to get involved and “Do. Something.”.

Sometimes however, it’s not that simple. And that brings me to the image attached to this post. One of the many issues that I’m concerned with is education. In particular, the lack of interaction in my job field with professionals and current students. For years, I had reached out to as many of my alma mater’s contacts as I had, and wasn’t able to find any dedicated programs or resources that actively had professionals come back on campus to present and mentor students. But persistence pays. In the coming days, I get to put on a cool (button down) shirt & a matching tie; and I get that opportunity. I’m planning to make the most of it.

I’m hoping you, the reader, take something from this too. If you see an issue, you can try to make a difference. You can help. And if you see an issue, and it seems like no one is addressing it, the person that’s probably supposed to be doing something about it, is you.

Until the next post; it’s time to go to work.

-Cool Shirt Guy, Signing off


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