The Crossover

The NBA regular season kicks off next week, and I was feeling a nostalgic to the days when the Sixers were a perennial playoff team. One of my favorite memories was during the 2001 NBA Finals. That year, the LA Lakers were a juggernaut. They swept every  team they faced during the playoffs that year, and were going for an undefeated playoff run. Only the Sixers stood in their way. And then….

The Sixers who were huge underdogs pulled off a huge upset, and one of the most memorable highlights in recent memory. The next day, I remember seeing promos on the local sports TV station mocking the Lakers. I couldn’t find it online anywhere, but I remember it well. There wasn’t a voice over on it, just words flashing on screen. ‘NBA Finals…. Lakers…. Sweep?…. Yeah we can do that.’

We didn’t.

But for the 2 days in between Game 1 and Game 2 in the Finals, it was a great time to be a Sixers fan. I saw this shirt which reminded of that game and decided to make it the subject matter for this weeks Cool Shirt Friday post.

Until next time I’m off to practice making the next Cool Shirt Guy Post better than the last. That’s right, I’m talking about practice….

-Cool Shirt Guy, signing off


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