Just a Little Bit

The graphic quality of video games (especially ones involving sports) these days are incredible. But every once in a while, it’s nice to go back & look at the pixels and polygons of yesteryear.

While I didn’t play many video games on the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System), I do remember a lot of my family playing “Tecmo Bowl” ad nauseam:

When how many “bits” a console had was a selling feature, and Nintendo and Sega were in their console wars; I finally had a game console of my own at home. The Sega Genesis. That was when I had my first sports game, “Joe Montana Sports Talk Football”. This game was great because it eclipsed what other games were doing at the time. There was commentary, you could change the weather of the game you wanted to play, and there was of course selecting the “Fake Punt” and/or “Fake Field Goal” play on 1st, 2nd, or 3rd down so you could hear the commentator say “I can’t believe it!”; which can be heard below.

My first basketball game for Sega Genesis was, “Pat Riley Basketball”:

It was… a game. Not terrible, not great, but not incredibly memorable. I’m honestly surprised that I remembered it while I was writing this post,  and even more surprised to find an extended YouTube clip of it.

Looking at a clip of the game now, it’s almost comedic. The bass sound they put to the dribbling of the basketball (which by the way is way out of proportion in contrast to the players) is way too deep, the crowd cheering sounds like the fire-breathing sound effect used in other Sega titles, and half the game you find yourself losing the basketball to a defender (probably because it was so big).

But I can’t talk about sports games without giving a BOOM-SHAKA-LAKA shout out to one my favorite, if not my all-time favorite sports game “NBA Jam”:

Sports-themed video games really stopped for me not long after that. This to me is my golden era. So whenever you’re playing Madden,  2K, or any of the other dozens of titles out there; don’t forget your roots.

Until next time I’m out like Bo Jackson…

-Cool Shirt Guy Signing Off


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