Cool Shirt Shirt-Shoryuken!

It’s still summertime. Back when I was in school when I wasn’t working, the summer was a chance to up my video game skills. One game that I never fully picked up (and honestly that I’m still not good at) was Street Fighter. Regardless of that, whenever the game started and I heard this sound:

I knew it was on.

Street Fighter, to me was one of the first video games that required me to memorize a move set. It was a switch not having more simple button commands like: Punch, kick, and jump. It was also my first real introduction to the Super Nintendo, a system I never actually owned myself. So my time with Street Fighter was always a little limited.

Random  Street Fighter Fact: The character Balrog (video below)

was originally supposed to be named Mike Bison (or M. Bison for short). The name rhymed with, and the character resembled a professional boxer with a name that rhymed with that. Ring any bells? Anyhow, Capcom decided to not to go down that road with the name, and instead gave it to the game’s end boss (who I spent countless “Continues” to beat), and gave the character the name Balrog. However, in the Japanese release they did go along with their initial plans, and his name is actually M. Bison.

Who’s your favorite Street Fighter Character? Leave a comment or reply below.


Until next time. Keep on button-mashing.

-Cool Shirt Guy Signing Off


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