The Skyline I Love From the City I Love

Love it or hate it, it’s Philly. Not as catchy as the official slogan (The City of Brotherly Love); but it’s probably a little closer to the truth.

No matter where I go, I always know I’m close to home when I see the skyline. I’ve always lived nearby the city (and yes when I say “the city” I mean Philadelphia and not New York or D.C.). It never mattered; whether it was crossing the Delaware River over one of the Bridges or coming up 95, it always brought a smile to my face.

To me, Philly has always been unique. A city of neighborhoods, a modest skyline; never seeming to have the need to overdo it (although more buildings seem to be coming up every month). It’s refreshing to be able to punch in and out of the city (when traffic isn’t backed up on 76 or the Vine Street Expressway) in less than 20 minutes or leave the state of Pennsylvania entirely if that’s your flavor that day; I’m looking at you Jersey (or Delaware if you’re an insane speed demon; Philly has those too).

A city of character, a city of characters, a city that builds character. Love it or hate it; it’s the 2-1-5.

-Cool Shirt Guy Signing off this jawn with Chicken Cheesesteak Dreams and Wawa Wishes






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