It’s the “Shore” Shot

For those of us who live in the Greater Philadelphia, Delaware, or South Jersey regions; no summer is complete without at least one trip “Down the Shore” a phrase that is totally regional and is an instant identifier that lets people know you’re from the area. Ironically, I picked this shirt up not from the…

Because Knowledge is Power!

It’s a Cool Shirt Friday post coming your way! Today’s shirt is a shout out to a show I used to watch regularly on TV, or when I was in school with a substitute teacher that didn’t have a solid lesson plan. That show is “Schoolhouse Rock” or as my shirt exclaims “SCHOOL HOUSE ROCK!”…

Post Number 1!

My First “Cool Shirt Guy” WordPress Blog Post (Jawn)

If you’re reading this, you probably know me or at least the t-shirts I wear often, and you may be thinking, “Wow, it took you long enough.” I’d have to agree with you. But there’s no time better than the present to get a blog going about some of the cool t-shirts I find myself wearing from time to time.

The ground rules for the uninitiated:
1) All shirts are free of profanity.
2) All shirts generally refrain from overly politicized and/or divisive issues. (There are enough blogs that deal with that subject matter already).
3) These are all shirts I presently own, and are part of my personal collection, although this may change later.

And that’s about it. As I become more acclimated with this medium, I’m hoping to provide you all with some fun, cool, and entertaining content.

That’s all for now. Let’s enjoy the ride.

-The Cool Shirt Guy